Jasper Pine HG Genesis


Genesis is long and very dairy, with some really nice udder genetics. His dam, Top it Off gave a nice 2.5 lbs each milking as a first freshener with only one kid, and her sire CH Smokin’ Hot Honey is a phenomenal buck who has produced 100% gorgeous udders and great milkers. Toppers dam, Pixie, produces an average of 5-6 pounds, daily, and won her class of 15 first freshers. Genesis’ sire, Handsome Guy, has an outstanding pedigree with great milking lines. The does in his line, B-Coming, Bewitched, and Honey Bee, all have ideal milk production and we expect great things from Genesis – our first buck from Jasper Pine, and the beginning of our new breeding program!


Photos courtesy of Jasper Pine and Rosasharn Farm

Dam:  Jasper Pine SHH Top it Off

genesis - top it off genesis - top it off 2

Sire: Rosasharn’s MW Handsome Guy

genesis - handsome

Sire’s Dam: Rosasharn MRC B-Coming 5*M VEVV 89

1st Place 3 year old and best udder in class at 2011 ADGA Nationals

genesis - b-coming


(for an extended pedigree and full list of ancestral accomplishments, click HERE.)

Sire:  Rosasharn’s MW Handsome Guy 

…..Sire’s Sire: Rosasharn’s SH Mighty Wizard (deceased)
.………SSS:  Rosasharn BB Son of Honey *B, VEV 87
./……..SSD:  Rosasharn TL Bewitched6 *D, 6*M +EVV 87
AGS TOP 10 Production: 2008 #7BF, #10 Prot.
…..Sire’s Dam:  Rosasharn MRC B-Coming 5*M VEVV 89  *1st Place 3Yr Old & Best Udder in class @ 2011 ADGA Nat’ls
……….SDS:  Rosasharn SP Mercury *S
……….SDD:  ARMCH Rosasharn’s UMT Honey Bee 4*D E, 4*M  1 X Rs. Champion jr. 1 X Gr. Champion JR. 2 X ADGA Gr. Champion SR. 2 X ADGA BOB 2 X ADGA BDI

Dam:  Jasper Pine SHH Top it Off

…..Dam’s Sire:  CH Algedi Farm Smokin’ Hot Honey LA 86% VVV
……….DSS: *B CH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter LA 2011 EEE 91 E 23″ (Permanent score), ADGA: 2x Best Buck in Show, 5x Sr. Grand Champion, 5x Best of Breed, 3x Reserve Grand, 8x 1 place, 3x 2 place.
……….DSD:  SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D EEEE91, 3x BDIS, 3x Best doe in show, 13x BOB, 8x Best Udder of breed, 4x SR. GR. CH, 3x SR. RS. GR, 6x First Place Udder
…..Dam’s Dam:  Jasper Pine TN Pixie
……….DDS:  Jasper Pine Tanner LA 90 VEE

……….DDD:  Pholia Farm KM Minuet



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