About Us

We are a family of ten located near Bowling Green, KY and we have a dream of caring for living things to be health and sustenance to people we know and love – not just to the elite who can afford what we produce, but to those who, like us, sometimes struggle to make ends meet.

We started our farming venture with five goats we couldn’t afford and by the grace of God we have grown to include an entire herd of goats, six sheep, three cows, a bull and a large flock of chickens.  We still can’t technically afford them, but somehow God makes it all work, month after month after month!  Our desire is to freely give, as we have freely received.  Our goal is to be “faithful with little” and do what we can on our little plot of land, until we’re blessed with the ability to do more.

To learn more about us, please feel free to visit my blog (www.blog.rinamarie.com) where I write about family, farming, and photography and my husband’s Spiritual Enrichment blog.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi I’m driving through near bowling green from up north. Was looking for raw milk. Would be interested in stopping by your farm. Is there an address? Thanks

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