2019 Kidding Schedule

We will soon be taking reservations on our 2019 kids!  Thanks to Jim and Kathy Sullivan of Jasper Pine, and Jill Maple at Sinai Thunder we have some of the best dairy genetics in the Nation.  We try to choose kids according to the needs of their owners, placing show quality kids to homes with the desire to show, and kids whose dams have proven themselves as milkers to those homes who desire high production.  Please note that it is impossible to predict how an animal will do in the show ring or in milk production, however, and we cannot guarantee performance in any area.

We guarantee the health of our goats when they leave our farm, but cannot guarantee the health of an animal once it has left our farm.  If a kid should become sick or die prior to shipment or pickup, we will transfer your deposit to another goat.  We reserve the right to keep any doeling or buckling of our choice, and cancel a reservation at any time.  If this should happen, a full refund will be returned to the prospective buyer.

All of our goats are registered through either AGS or ADGA and can be registered through both.

Pricing is based on milk production, worm resistance and overall health of the dam.  Kids from proven does start at $300 and does from first freshers start at $200.  We do not sell breeding bucks from first freshers.  A deposit is required for all reservations and we cannot reserve any goat for more than 3 weeks after birth.

Reservations for pet-quality goat: $25

Reservations for show & milk quality goats: $100

PLEASE NOTE: several goats of both sexes will be reserved for The Milk Enough Project this year.  Goats are sold on a first come, first serve basis.