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Welcome to our little farm page!  Here you’ll find information on our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Heritage Breed Chickens.

Our farm project began when we felt God calling us to be “faithful with little” and do something with the land that we presently own near Bowling Green, KY.  In an effort to learn as much as possible and take steps toward our eventual goal of large-scale sustainable farming, we started off with a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and a few flocks of heritage chickens.  Over the next few years, we have expanded to include fruits and vegetables, honey bees, ducks, geese, and a milking cow to our little farm.

On the top menu tabs, you can meet our current family of animals, and learn why we’ve chosen these special breeds.  On the sidebar to the right, we’ve listed the animals and products we have available for sale, as well as a link to our blog, where you can read about all the things we’ve been up to, recently.

To read the whole story of our little farm’s beginnings, and our plans for the future, click HERE.

Thank you for visiting!

3 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Hello, I could not seem to reply to you from my e-mail. I am near Bowling Green, I live in Greensburg and work as a forest ranger in Hart, Green and Edmonson counties. Thank you so much!

  2. I haven’t seen anything recent posted about your Dorkings, but I am looking for Dorkings for my daughter she is 16 and had been in 4-H since she was little. We have been trying for years to get her some Dorkings but haven’t been able. She loves Heritage birds and is starting to think she will never get her Dorkings before she is graduated from High School and 4-H. Any chance you have chicks or eggs you can ship? Or do you know of any breeders? Thanks for your help

    • Thanks, Jennifer! We actually lost the few dorkins we had over the winter, but we’re hoping we’ll be getting some again soon! I know some of the bigger hatcheries have them.

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