Faithful w/Little LE Labyrinth

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Like her full sister Dot-2-Dot, Labyrinth is a great milker with excellent conformation and milk genetics in her pedigree.  Her dam is our best milker, consistently giving an average of 4lbs of milk per day at peak production and maintaining high production throughout the season.  Her sire has in his line some of the top producers in the country, including three who have  been among the top five most productive milk producers multiple times, one who holds the record for longest lactation and another who set the record in 2003 for highest milk production on a single day of 305 day testing, and held the record for highest lifetime production in 2012.

Labyrinth consistently gave an average of 2lbs of milk per day as a first fresher and has shown excellent parasite resistance and has never needed chemical wormer. Now a second fresher, she is giving almost 3lbs per day after freshening in April with quads.

Dam: NC Promiseland Sharp Sudoku


Sire: Jasper Pine EP Legacy





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