Bucks for Sale

Our kids are dam-raised and handled daily from birth, often spending time inside being cuddled and loved on by our family of ten. They are exposed to numerous animals while with us, including dogs, cats, chickens and cows. We maintain a CAE-free herd and health is extremely important to us. Our goats are rotated through fresh pasture weekly and worms are controlled holistically.



DOB: May 22, 2018
$200 (Parents registered through ADGA)

These boys come from excellent milk and show lines. Their dam, Dot-2-Dot (links below) has long, easy to milk teats and excellent conformation and milk genetics in her pedigree. She regularly gives an average of 3lbs, daily, after giving birth to her second set of triplets in May. Her dam (who also regularly gives birth to triplets and quadruplets) is our best milker, consistently giving an average of 4lbs of milk per day at peak production and maintaining high production throughout the season.

Their sire’s line represents some of the best in the National Show Ring and Milk Awards. His granddam on his sire’s side is 9x Grand Champion, 9x Best Of Breed in Champion Challenges, 1x BIS, 2x Best Udder, 2014 ANDDA Total Performer Doe & JuJu Silver (54#), 3rd in 2014 AGS National Top 10 1Day Milk Awards, and Dam of the 2010 NDGA National Reserve JrGCH. His granddam on his dam’s side is an elite top ten milker, and a #1 Doe in Nation in 3 categories, setting records in 2 and his dam is following in her dam’s footsteps, easily earing her Milk Star in her 1st Test 2016 lactation. In 2017, she milked 4.6# on her first test and made it to 1000# for her DHI (305)
Dam: Dot-2-Dot: https://faithfulwithlittlefarm.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/faithful-wlittle-dot-2-dot/

Sire: Sinai Thunder Walk By Faith: https://faithfulwithlittlefarm.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/sinai-thunder-walk-by-faith/



00 Spats and Walker boy 1 DSC_0344

DOB: June 9, 2018


Sweet little blue eyed buckling offered for sale as a pet, due to his mother having health issues that could be passed down. He has been handled by our children from birth, and was bottle fed for several months. He has lived with horses, cows and chickens, making him an excellent companion for both children or other animals.