Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This is our first year raising Nigerian Dwarf goats and we have been incredibly blessed to have recently added some of the best dairy genetics in the Nation to our little herd, thanks to the incredible generosity of Jim and Kathy Sullivan of Jasper Pine!  We are located close to Bowling Green, Kentucky and proceeds from the sale of our goats go toward our “Milk Enough” project.  To learn more about the project, click HERE.

To see goats currently available for sale, visit our sale pages (Buck/Bucklings and Doe/Doelings) and for future breedings, see our Kidding Schedule.


Our breeding animals have their foundations in the the outstanding bloodlines of Jasper Pine, Rosasharn and Algedi and have some of the best dairy genetics in the nation.

Breeding Goals

We have several goals for our breeding program that tie directly into the larger picture of what we want to do here, which is first to provide milk and milk products for our family,  second to provide milk and milk products for others and third, to provide high quality diary goats for families in need through the Milk Enough program.

Limited space prevents us from expanding past a certain number of goats, and so we need every one of our goats to not only give large quantities of milk, but produce offspring who will do the same.  In light of this, our number one goal is to produce healthy, high-quality does with high milk production, easy to milk teats and well-attached, well conformed udders.  Our long-term plan is to purchase the very best we can afford, and continue breeding up with genetics from the best dairy herds in the nation.

We are not currently participating in DHIA testing, but are keeping detailed records on production, which we are happy to provide to anyone interested.

Herd Health

Healthy animals are of the utmost importance to us and we do everything we can to keep our animals and their products free from all chemicals and medications, using herbal remedies, homeopathy and hydrotherapy to treat our animals whenever possible.*  We have spent a lot of time researching the best way to care for our animals, and our husbandry practices will only get better as we continue to learn.  All of our animals are moved to fresh pasture weekly and each paddock receives at least 60 days of rest before the animals return to it again.  Our goats have access to free-choice minerals and kelp,  are provided GMO-free grain and are wormed using natural methods weekly.

Our kids are dam-raised from birth.  We maintain a CAE-free herd.

(*While sustainable farming and organic care is important to us, our number one priority is the health and comfort of our animals. In some cases antibiotics and chemical wormers may be necessary to ensure this health and comfort.)

For more info regarding our husbandry practices and the health of our herd see the following articles:

Herd Health & Raw Milk

Why Grass-Fed, A2/A2, Raw Milk?


Registry and Club Affiliations

Our goats are registered with ADGA and can be registered with AGS.

.LR 2013-7459

Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Bowling Green KY

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    • Hi, Elnorene, we’re hoping to have kids for sale this summer from Mini Colors, Mini Pearl and Spats. I’ll update the page and send you an email once they are available.

  1. im looking for a male and female goat. not registered, not for milk, and the smallest height that I can find. I live in Russell springs, ky. I also have feeder calves in the field.

    • Hi, Freda, we don’t have any females available yet, but we’re expecting kids till the end of July and currently have lots of males available. Give me a call at two-seven-zero-779-zero-four-four-five or email me at Rina [at] RinaMarie [dot] come and I’ll be happy to let you know what we have available, or put you on our waiting list if we don’t have what you’re looking for yet. Thanks!

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